About Us - The Plibrico Asbestos Trust

The Plibrico Asbestos Trust

The Plibrico Asbestos Trust was established on March 8, 2006 as the result of the Chapter 11 reorganization of Plibrico Company and Plibrico Sales and Service, Inc. (the “Plibrico Entities”), in order to fairly and equitably resolve all asbestos personal injury claims arising out of exposure to products manufactured, installed, maintained, removed or distributed by the Plibrico Entities.

The Trust has established procedures – which have been approved by a Federal District Court – for processing and paying claims on an impartial, first-in-first-out basis, with the goal of paying all claimants over time as equivalent a share as possible of the value of their claims.

From this site, you may obtain copies of all relevant documents, notices and reports related to operations and administration of the Trust, including complete instructions on how to file a claim. Law firms who have registered for direct access to the Trust’s Online Filing application can access the site through the login link at the top of the page.

The Trust is administered by the Trustee, with the guidance and assistance of a five member Trust Advisory Committee and a court-appointed Futures Representative.